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Revolutionise the sales processes in your business with Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

If you have got to the stage as a business where your current processes for managing sales opportunities and customer relationships just aren’t up to the standards, you need of them. This may mean that you need to perhaps consider making the switch to a new CRM system. 

In our latest blog article, we will take you through why your business should turn to Microsoft’s premier CRM solution for small businesses: Sales Professional. 

Let’s start by explaining exactly what a CRM system is? 

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage your interactions with potential and existing customers and also helps you to improve marketing, sales, service engagement and more. These CRM solutions can come in all forms from the basic Excel Spreadsheets right up to the enterprise level ones like Salesforce. 

The very best CRM systems provide you with that added insight into how your customers behave and their specific requirements which can help you to develop better lines of communication with them and with it improve customer satisfaction which in turn should lead to increased growth and profitability. 

Why do businesses require a CRM system? 

You will find that hundreds of small businesses start off by using Excel Spreadsheets to manage their customer engagements. However, the problem is that when your business grows, you will find that using this system becomes untenable and being able to report and access data quickly and effectively becomes even more of a challenge. 

To put this into context, here is why you should choose to implement a CRM system over using Excel Spreadsheets: 

  • Better customer communications and relationships. 
  • Improved access to both data and insights. 
  • A better visibility over your leads and sales as well as enabling you to highlight areas to grow revenue. 
  • Improved productivity – allowing your team to focus on other tasks through the use of automation and improved accessibility to data. 

So, why should we consider Sales Professional? 

The answer is simple, if you are looking for your first CRM system then Sales Professional is perfect for those growing small businesses and better still as you grow it can be scaled up quickly whenever required. Microsoft designed this primarily for small businesses and their specific requirements so it can easily interact with other systems as well as being easy to use. 

To help convince you further that this is the right choice for your business, here are some of the best functionalities available in this CRM system: 

  • Automation: You will find that Sales Professional is able to easily automate and streamline labour intensive tasks such as tracking leads, forecasting and much, much more. This enables your sales team to focus on their primary goal which is selling to businesses. To put this into context in the form of an example, you are able to save valuable time by creating templates and automating customer invoices. 
  • Reporting and Artificial Intelligence: Through the use of Sales Professional you can take advantage of both reporting and analytics to help identify opportunities that can help increase growth. As well as this, through the use of Microsoft’s AI features you are able to take advantage of lead scoring, automated emails and much, much more. 
  • In The Cloud: Given that this product is based in the Cloud, you can access it from anywhere, from any device and at any time you need it. As well as this, you can be rest assured that your data remains secure as Microsoft has one of the best security policies in the world. You can add an extra layer to this security by setting certain permissions for your employees. 
  • Streamlined Integration with other Microsoft apps: You can also use Sales Professional seamlessly alongside all your everyday Microsoft apps such as Word, Excel, Teams and many more. The integration with Outlook is a real game changer as you can track all engagements with a lead or customer which can be viewed by your colleagues in the CRM system.  

Next Steps? 

If you are a small business and has read the above article and are keen to take your first step towards a new CRM system with Microsoft by choosing our Quick Start CRM package then do give our team of experts a call today so we can discuss your specific requirements and goals. 

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