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Microsoft Dynamics for Logistics & Distribution is specifically designed to provide the required functionality to support the core processes and requirements of the industry. Furthermore, these end-to-end logistics/distribution solutions include the newest functionality that enables people, assets, workflow & business processes, empowering organisations to improve their overall resilience. 

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What challenges and common pain points are Logistics & Distribution firms facing?

Quicker, further and cheaper – the demands of customers are putting pressure on the operational capabilities of today’s logistics & distribution firms. 

As the sector continues to grow both globally and digitally being able to optimise efficiency by reducing admin and labour intensive manual processes to fulfil orders for customers as fast as possible are some of the greatest challenges currently being faced. 

As well as this, being able to battle other issues such as intense competition, a volatile market environment & tight margins can present significant challenges for the sector. 

In terms of the common pain points that many logistics & distributions firms come to us with include: 

  • Wanting to improve fulfillment outcomes. 
  • Wanting streamlined and integrated logistics.
  • Better visibility over all aspects of operations including customer engagement. 

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics for Logistics & Distribution

Improved efficiency

Empowering your business by centralising data in one place for complete visibility & control over your products & services. Fulfil orders for customers with real time insights & analytics. 

Better operations

By unifying data & processes in one place will empower your agents to deliver leading customer engagement & streamlines processes aimed at ensuring full control over stock & daily operations. 

Improved accuracy

Since Microsoft Dynamics keeps all of your information up to date and allows access to all team members, you greatly reduce the risk of error across your business. 

Why implement Microsoft Dynamics for Logistics & Distribution with Advantage?

It goes without saying the very best logistics & distribution firms streamline their logistical operations, deliver orders on time as well as continue to engage with customers on how to improve. 

The good thing about Microsoft Dynamics Integrated 365 Applications is the fact that it can meet all three of the objectives above – our dedicated team of leading consultants, developers & support professionals empower you to effectively use Microsoft’s products to deliver your service & give you areas where you can improve. 

At Advantage, we implement Microsoft Dynamics for Logistics & Distribution to enable firms to take advantage of a flexible & efficient business. 

As well as the above, we’ve got vast experience in working with over 50 logistics & distribution customers on projects to improve the overall accuracy, overall efficiency & service engagements. 

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Specific Logistics Add On - HB SmartTrade Extension

HB SmartTrade is business software for (international) trading and distribution companies, based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. The solution is specific to your company, but the software is standardised. So, you get the best of both worlds without huge investments in customisations or long implementation projects.

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Quick Start Business Central for Logistics & Distribution

Our Quick Start Business Central ERP for Logistics & Distribution gives you quick and affordable access to a Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP or an upgrade on a legacy ERP or outdated ERP system. This solution has been built specifically for logistics and distribution companies.

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