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Continue to reach out to your churchgoers. When managing financial aspects of your church/institution, make sure you can rely on your software.


What challenges & common pain points are Churches & Religious Institutions facing in this sector?

As part of compliance as Charitable Trusts, or duty to their parishes, control of expenditure is crucial. However, the management of purchasing through to invoice payments at each of the parishes, and associated churches, can be extremely time consuming, manual, and inefficiently controlled or tracked.

Accounting of Funds (donations) within parishes can be a major challenge, and in most instances, a manual process is deployed to ensure that donations are correctly accounted for and reflected in the accounts system.

Interoperation with Microsoft Office (Excel, email, etc) is often restricted and remote access to the accounts system, particularly during Covid restrictions, is a technical challenge.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics for Churches & Religious Institutions

Accurate control of Funds / Donations

You will be able to control, track and financially accurately report expenditure of all Funds / Donations.

Governance & Management of Expenditure

Management and streamlining of the Purchase to Pay process by ensuring purchase requests / orders went through authorisation. Supplier invoices are automatically registered into the finance solution via a Cloud-based Optical Character Recognition service. And finally, payment of invoices can be via email authorisation workflow.

Improved Efficiency & Productivity

Compliance with HMRC Making Tax Digital, together with governance of key transactions (e.g. approval of invoices, approval of payments to suppliers, etc), secure remote access and improved reporting and Business Intelligence capability inherent within the core solution, provides a holistic efficiency improvement across the organisation – not simply within the finance department.

Why implement Microsoft Dynamics for Churches & Religious Institutions with Advantage?

The very best churches and religious institutions have a high visibility over their donations and expenditure, together with comprehensive reporting, streamlined process and procedures, and high levels of governance.

The fantastic thing about Microsoft Dynamics Integrated 365 Applications is the fact that it can meet all of the above with ease – our dedicated team of consultants, developers & support team can assist you in using Microsoft’s products to their full potential as well as providing you with endless opportunities to do more. 

Here at Advantage, we implement Microsoft Dynamics for Churches & Religious Institutions to enable them to become a leading light in their sector. 

With our vast experience of working with over 50 churches/religious institutions/dioceses customers on Microsoft Dynamics projects, we can help you to improve efficiency, produce better reports as well as have a better visibility over memberships & donations. 

Start your journey with Microsoft Dynamics today!

Quick Start Business Central for Churches & Religious Institutions

Our Quick Start Business Central ERP for Churches & Religious Institutions affords your organisation an affordable Business Central ERP or an upgrade on an outdated one. This solution has been specifically built to suit those operating within the church & religion sectors.

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