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    No matter what your industry or situation you can be vulnerable to having your projects set back or lost.  Advantage Project Recovery work may range from simple retraining on software and processes, to re-imagining the solution from its basic foundations and improving your approach to work. 

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Why do so many ERP or CRM projects fail?

Many projects fail, but why?

  • One partner underbids another with no real hope of implementing successfully for the price quoted resulting in poorly done work.

  • The partner does not take the time to understand the complexity of the client’s business, and as a result the client hasn’t set aside enough money in the budget to finish the job resulting in unfinished projects. 

  • Core members of the implementation team are swapped out for other projects resulting in a fragmented project.

  • Rushing into a project without practical timelines can result in missed requirements and cause a complete, and costly, redesign, essentially doing the work all over again. 

  • Implementation contracts may be too vague and unclear leading to confusing objectives.

  • Poorly planned and executed data migration can cause go live dates to be postponed or cause extreme delays.

How can Advantage's Project Recovery help your business solve these problems?

Through our 20 + years-experience from managing projects from concept right through to delivery, we have the capabilities and skills to help ensure that your project stays on track and meets all your business requirements.

Furthermore, our service does not stop at Project Recovery or Project Protection, get ahead of the game and prevent these situations in the first instance with our Managed Service offering which includes Office 365 integrationDynamics 365 Backup and RecoveryAzure HostingDynamics Support for Microsoft’s ERP & CRM solutions & IT Support.

Why choose Advantage for Project Recovery?

Solution Independent: Get the solution your business truly needs, not the one someone is trying to sell you. We are an independent provider and offer the most appropriate solutions based on your business' needs and requirements.

Forward Thinking People: Advantage is an established Microsoft Gold ERP, CRM & IT Managed Services Partner that is dedicated to delivering high quality services to its clients.

Grow Your Business: For over 20 years, we've been helping small and medium sized businesses with dynamic, results-focused solutions.

Qualified Experts: Our team of specialists are on hand to work with your business to become a key part of your internal IT team.

Transform the way you work

The technology you use to power your business should be helping you succeed, not getting in your way. If you want to transform the way you work and get the most out of your business, get in touch with Advantage today.

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