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  • Microsoft Dynamics for Charities & Not-For-Profits

    In the unstable economic conditions of today, Charities and Not-For-Profits have to account for all funding and spending within the organisation.

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Build fully scalable and transformative mission impact 

Microsoft Dynamics for not-for-profit brings together all of the best functionality from Microsoft 365, the Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Azure as well as LinkedIn to enable your organisation to address common not-for-profit scenarios. This is completely based on a Common Data Model to bring together separated data sources in one place. 

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What challenges & common pain points are Charities & Not-for-profits facing?

Some of the main challenges facing this sector largely as a result of the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic include an additional demand on their services, difficulty in fundraising, being able to easily identify those people in need, deteriorating finances & being able to retain existing volunteers continue to pile the pressure on those in the sector. 

As well as this, continuing to attract and retain memberships in itself provides a daily challenge which means being able to work as effectively and efficiently as possible is crucial. 

In terms of the common pain points that are being experienced regularly include: 

  • Inability to retain and engage donors/members 
  • Inability to plan and manage budgets as well as finances 
  • Struggling to implement suitable IT infrastructure 
  • Difficulty in encouraging recurring donations & maintaining donor engagement 

Why implement Microsoft Dynamics for Charities & Not-for-profits with Advantage?

Not-for-Profit and Charities have very different needs compared to other industries and the cause they support. With an NFP or Charity Relationship Management is key to ensuring you meet your goals and objectives. Furthermore, this tailored CRM solution can give your organisation a single view of contact data, real-time insights on the grant & fund applications, save time and money through document creation as well as providing donors or contact self-service portals to improve the overall online experience and service.

With our extensive experience with Charities and our understanding of your unique needs we have been able to create Advantage Add On: CRM For NFP’s solution to get you the best results.

Through our solution you can easily manage your:

  • Permissions and Consents
  • Campaign Management
  • Donations and Income Processing
  • Legacy Management
  • Gift Aid and Tax Efficient Giving
  • Profile your Major Donors

Quick Start CRM for Not-For-Profits & Charities

Our Quick Start 365 CRM for Not-For-Profits & Charities gets you up and running with a CRM in less than a week. Perfect for charities and not-for-profits. Fixed Cost, Fixed Scope, Fixed Time.

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