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What migration options are available?

There are two primary ways to migrate to Business Central with Advantage: 


1) Implement from Scratch (re-implementation): With this option, you import master records and open transactions using import tools.  This is the required method for migrating to Business Central On Azure or on premise, but can also be used for Business Central SaaS. This can be achieved with our Quick Start Business Central package starting from £7,500. 

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2) Update Master Records in GP and then Migrate to Business Central: This is the preferred migration method for Business Central SaaS.  With this option, you use Microsoft’s Cloud Migration tool to bring master records, open transactions, and historical data into Business Central starting from £8,700. 

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Migrating to Business Central can be a complex process. Advantage Business Systems has developed a detailed migration approach in our GP to BC quick start solution for migration from Dynamics GP to Business Central to make certain that the project is successful. 

Why move to Business Central from Dynamics GP?

There are a number of positive reasons as to why your business should considering migrating from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central.


  • Reason 1: Cut Costs - You will dramatically reduce infrastructure costs by cutting the costs associated with the maintaining of servers. Even better, you can purchase Business Central licenses for as little as £6 per user per month.  
  • Reason 2: Streamline Remote Working - Enable your employees to work from home by giving them access to data from wherever they are located. Dedicated disaster recovery and advanced security in place can ease your worries.  
  • Reason 3: Drive extra value with new functionality - Take advantage of the new features & functionality contained in Business Central such as AI and cash-flow management. Automate repetitive tasks and create workflows to enable you to accelerate your overall efficiency. 

How much does it cost to migrate GP to Business Central & what is included?

Each Business Central implementation is unique, and we customize your migration according to your organisation’s unique needs, however with our Quick Start GP to BC offer, you can get up and running from as little as £7,500

The following items will be migrated during the Quick Start GP to BC migration: 

  • General Ledger Accounts.
  • Segments as dimensions
  • Summary transactions history
  • Customers and open receivables transactions
  • Vendors and open payables transactions
  • Items, locations, quantity on hand, serial/lot information
  • Sales, purchasing, inventory, payables and receivables history data is brought over into Business Central Extensions tables.

Please Note: Our Dynamics GP to Business Central migration package may not be right for all businesses. If you are looking to purchase a Quick Start Dynamics 365 Business Central or need something more customised then please get in touch with our team today by calling the below number or filling out our contact form.

Exclusive move to the Cloud offer (Bridge to the Cloud)

If you currently have an active GP enhancement plan with Microsoft, you can save 60% on Business Central licenses! 

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