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Why it is important not to think too big too quickly when implementing an ERP system!

As a business are you thinking about all the glitz and glamour that a new ERP finance system could bring from the very start, however when you learn how much investment is required, it comes in well over the budget you have to spend? 

It is important at this point not to panic and think that Dynamics 365 Business Central is out of reach for your business because the truth is that it is not! You are able to break this project down into smaller more manageable phases so you can get the system you want with what you currently have budget wise. 

So, what is the solution at this point? A new finance system that you can rollout across your business using a phased approach as your business grows or when your business requirements change. Provide your business with a good starting point which you can build out over time rather than choose a finance system that you know that you will need to change further down the line. It is important to take a moment for reflection and think about exactly what your business requires right now and what it is likely to need in the future. 

By choosing this type of approach, you are able to learn more about the system on a smaller scale which will give you the chance to understand it more rather than having too many features to use all at once! 

As well as the above, another benefit of going down the phased route is the fact that it will enable you and your team to keep up to speed and on track with the project. This compared to a larger project approach, where every time the goalposts change in terms of functionality that wasn’t originally agreed before the project started will have the tendency to add cost as well as making the project more complicated meaning the ability to get to grips with the system will become harder and cost more in the long run. 

Read all about it: our Quick Start Business Central solution is here to help! 

Enjoy yourself when learning about Dynamics 365 Business Central from the ground up but you don’t need to do it by yourself. At Advantage, we’ve developed a Quick Start Business Central package designed to get your business off the ground quickly using industry leading best practice. 

Furthermore, once we’ve implemented your system, we won’t leave you out in the cold, we will continue to support your system through one of our Dynamics Support packages meaning that we will be on hand to help you whenever you need us. 

If you have read the above and have any further questions or queries about the Business Central system or how it can be set up to meet your business requirements then please reach out to our Business Central experts now

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