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What is IPaaS & why is it critical for your business?

In most organisations employees are working with approximately 10 different applications every day. These could include CRM, Finance, Expenses, Timesheets, Payments, eCommerce, Helpdesk.. the list goes on.

That means individuals having to move between applications, searching for the data they need, re-entering data, storing the same data in multiple locations reducing control, adding cost and increasing risk. That’s the norm for a lot of companies but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Now imagine being able to transfer and share data between applications, seamlessly in a no code, low code environment (not needing developers) delivering the data you need in the application you use most often. ERP Invoices presented in CRM, eCommerce transactions in Finance, without needing complex integrations or having to leave your preferred application. Welcome to IPaaS.

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