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Why now is the time to make the tactical switch to the Microsoft Power Platform?

As more and more of us become aware of the growing use of AI, you can as a business easily fall into the trap of being wooed by the technology rather than thinking about how your business can actually use it to have a positive impact. 

Here at Advantage, our team are dedicated to delivering innovative technological solutions as well as helping businesses to grow and streamline their overall processes to transform the way they work. 

Before diving deeper into this topic, you need to evaluate a number of things such as can I save time and resources, does it resolve a business pain point and can it allow us to work in a more efficient way. 

As a business, this is one of the main reasons we are looking to use the Microsoft Power Platform wherever it fits with our customers. If you don’t know what the Microsoft Power Platform is it is a low code platform that uses Microsoft Azure to combine the robust power of PowerApps, PowerBI & Power Automate into one powerful business application platform. 

So, what are the core advantages of using the Microsoft Power Platform? 

This is very easy to answer, one of the main advantages of using the Microsoft Power Platform is the fact that it allows businesses to resolve commonly faced problems easily. If you decide to work with a leading partner such as Advantage, we can help you to build customised applications without the need for any developers to build something that will make a huge difference to your business. As well as this, it enables businesses to take their technological know-how to the next level and at the same time reduce the need for contractors or bespoke software that doesn’t easily integrate with your current systems. 

In addition to the above advantage, another one is the fact that it can enable you to streamline workflows and improve business processes. Through the use of pre-built connectors hooking up numerous data sources and apps, you are able to reduce costs and improve efficiency by being able to automate tedious and repetitive tasks such as data entry and report generation. As well as this, it can help to eliminate errors as well as to improve the overall accuracy of data. As a business, Advantage have been in the market for decades in helping other businesses on business transformation projects so we are aware this can be a real game changer when implemented in the right way for those businesses struggling on outdated and costly legacy systems. 

It has often been the case in the past that businesses often used complex, costly legacy systems that were good at one thing in particular but hard to update or integrate with other systems. This is different with the Microsoft Power Platform, as we can create custom apps that have no problem in integrating with these systems, providing better flexibility and agility as well as enabling businesses to become more proactive when it comes to changing customer needs and market changes. 

On top of all of the above, data can be analysed in a much more effective way and allow you to gain insights to help your business to make better decisions. This coupled with the use of Power BI will allow you to visually see data, monitor KPIs and spot trends and patterns faster to allow you to make the correct decisions every time. 

So, why should you choose Advantage to implement the Power Platform into your business? 

The reason is simple: we strive to be the best in the Microsoft Power Platform. We collaborate with our clients to gain a fully rounded understanding of what their core needs and challenges are. From this understanding, we can build tailored solutions matched up exactly with their specific needs. You can be rest assured that our team of experienced experts are ready to develop apps for you that are efficient, user-friendly and can be scaled up. The best thing about Advantage is the fact that we use the best technology from Microsoft and mold it around your business but still retain your unique selling point as a business along with providing you with extra support and training where necessary. 

In Conclusion 

There is no doubt that the Microsoft Power Platform can help to revolutionise your business by making your operations more efficient, automating workflows and enabling valuable insights to be extracted from your data. Added to which, the use of its low-code tools and pre-built connectors to a whole host of data sources, make it easier to create customised applications that can help alleviate business problems without the need for knowledge in coding. This is where Advantage can come in to help our clients meet and exceed their goals by utilising the full power of the Microsoft Power Platform. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking for a well-known partner to help you to implement the Microsoft Power Platform and take your business to the next level then please get in touch with the team at Advantage today

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