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What Power Apps could help to revolutionise the way in which charities and not-for-profits work?

It has often been assumed that Power Apps can only be used by large charities but this is not true, they can also prove useful for small and medium sized not-for-profits and charities.  

You will also find that the costs associated with Power Apps are largely much lower than Dynamics 365, this coupled with a whole host of discounts available for charities provides an effective way of bringing down costs, improving efficiency as well as helping to future proof your charity or not-for-profit. 

Which apps could your charity or not-for-profit choose to build? 

So, let’s now talk about what apps you could build to help to eliminate any pressures, whether it be manual tasks or tasks that could be better streamlined through automation? 

Here are a few examples of some Power Apps ideas for your charity/not-for-profit: 


You could easily manage all of your donor information, donations and gifts through the use of a seamless system that includes rules for engagement as well as the ability to gain a deeper understanding of your donors. 


Make donating easier for recurring donors through the use of simple donation apps enabling you to save time and avoid having to manually process them. 

Workforce and volunteers 

Have better visibility over both your employees and volunteers, use automation to project work and time which will help to increase productivity. 


Put into place an online training program for new volunteers and employees as well as using training to help provide existing employees/volunteers with refreshers. Better still, keep a record of both employees and volunteers on which training they have completed and if required any deadlines that need to be set. 

Advocacy, events and campaign management 

Create an app that allows you to assess and manage important campaigns, stories, social media posts as well as events that require streamlined logistics. 

In Summary 

You will find that the above apps can be created to drill down on exactly what your charity or not-for-profit requires and contained within a single model-driven Power App that can be used all over the organisation, each with its very own unique functionality but with the data hosted in the Microsoft Dataverse. 

Put simply, this means that your data can be easily shared across your organisation when needed through the use of tables and applications. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a charity or not-for-profit that has read the article above and are looking to transform the way that you work through the use of a Microsoft Power App then please do reach out to one of our experts today to discuss your specific needs

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