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Teams vs Slack: Which one is best for your business?

When reviewing which platforms are best for online collaboration activities, there are several options in the market which have a whole host of different features and functionality to enable businesses to pick which one will deliver the best value for their users. 

In our latest blog article, we compare two of the best collaboration platforms in the market: Microsoft Teams & Slack. 

General Features


Microsoft Teams 


Channels (Teams) 

Private Messages 

Number of Users 

Up to 500,000 


Unlimited Messages 

Full Message Searchability 

Limited to 10,000 messages 

File Sharing 

Guest Accessibility 

5 per account 


Screen Sharing 

Not included in a free plan 

Video & Audio Calling 



Video Meetings 

Up to 250 users 

Up to 15 users 

Web, Desktop & Mobile Apps 

Shortcuts & Productivity Tools 

Over 40 shortcuts on the Desktop App 

Over 50 shortcuts on the Desktop App 

Bots & Workflow Tools 

Who Bot (on paid version) + Third-Party Chatbots 



472 apps to choose from 

10 on the free version + 2,000 on the paid version 


Conclusion – Which one is best for your business? 

It goes without saying but both Microsoft Teams and Slack provide your business with a whole host of exciting features that will enable you to work more efficiently. 

However, Microsoft Teams gives you a much better video conferencing experience. As well as this, it is able to provide video meetings for up to 250 users or even live events to include up to 10,000 people (through the use of Teams, Stream and Yammer). 

This helps to illustrate the true value of Microsoft Teams – the whole Microsoft 365 suite can both support and extend the overall functionality. 

So therefore, if your business already has a Microsoft 365 subscription then it makes perfect sense to opt for Microsoft Teams. As it provides all of the features Slack does as well and much more without costing you that much more. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is read the above article and are keen to get Teams implemented or want to purchase a Microsoft 365 license to do so then please give our team of IT experts a call today to discuss all of your specific needs. 

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