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Comparing and contrasting Dynamics 365 / CRM and HubSpot CRM

As most businesses realise already, having a suitable CRM in place is crucial in being able to successfully manage customer engagements, track sales and marketing activities effectively and efficiently both now and in the future. 

In our latest blog article, we will be comparing and contrasting two of the market leaders: Dynamics 365/CRM and HubSpot CRM. 

Before we delve deeper into the comparison between the two, let’s start by defining both platforms. 

So, what is Dynamics 365/CRM? 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM formally known as Dynamics 365 CRM is a sophisticated Customer Relationship Management solution. Dynamics CRM manages all interactions and relationships with customers, prospects, stakeholders and all other contacts for your business. 

So, what is HubSpot CRM? 

HubSpot CRM will automatically organize, enrich, and track each contact in a tidy timeline. Connect with and convert visitors in real-time using live chat. 

Now, we have defined what both are, we can now compare and contrast the two options 


Dynamics 365/CRM 

Hubspot CRM 


From £53.40 per user/month 

From £396 per month (for 5 paid users) 

Implementation Costs 

From £8,000 with our Quick Start CRM package 

£6,000 to £30,000 

Contact, Account & Lead Management 

Advanced management & tracking capabilities 

Basic management capabilities 

Sales & Pipeline Management 

Advanced tools & insights 

Visual pipeline & basic tools 

Marketing Automation 

Easy integration with Dynamics 365 Marketing or ClickDimensions for Dynamics 365 

In-built marketing tools 


Dedicated CRM support team at Advantage 

Ticketing system, knowledge bases & live chat 

Reporting & Analytics 

Powerful reporting & customised dashboards 

Basic reporting & dashboards 


Seamless integration with all Microsoft products including Microsoft 365 

Multiple third-party integrations 

Customisation & Scalable 

Fully customisable & fully scalable 

Limited customisations & average scalability 

Accessible on mobile devices 



Security & Compliance 

Up to date with the latest compliance legislation 

Up to date with the latest compliance legislation 


Target Market & Customers 

Can cover all industries and sectors 

Can cover all industries and sectors 


Want to follow a different pathway and go for a HubSpot CRM alternative? 

This is where you could look into getting a Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM in place to take advantage of its AI and chat functionality. 

When analysing the above comparison, it is pretty clear that Dynamics CRM comes out on top as it can provide your business with comprehensive features, the ability to customise, fully scalable as your business grows, making it perfect for all kinds of businesses regardless of size. On the other hand, even though Hubspot CRM is straightforward to use and implement, Dynamics 365/CRM gives you a flexible solution that can be adjusted to suit your business as it grows. 

It goes without saying but picking the right CRM solution for your business is vital to your long-term success.  

Here at Advantage, we value the need for businesses to have a dynamic and customisable CRM solution that can meet your specific business requirements. Our team of fully qualified Dynamics CRM experts are on hand to help you get up & running on a CRM system to make sure it fully integrates with your current set of processes and third-party systems. 

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