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13 reasons why your business should use Dynamics GP with Popdock

It goes without saying but if your business is using Dynamics GP then it really should be using Popdock with it. In our latest blog article, we will provide you with 13 reasons as to why your business should be using Dynamics GP with Popdock. 

1 – Easily view your data within a chart or graph 

Popdock isn’t trying to be a poor man’s Power BI or Tableau with data analysis alongside pretty fish charts. However, what Popdock can give you is 12 of the most common chart types that you know and love such as bar charts, pie charts, line charts and many more. 

2 – SmartLists are much faster in Popdock than through Dynamics GP 

The best thing about this is the fact that it is over 3000% quicker and means you don’t have to waste your time on creating reports that take hours. 

3 – Make use of the Popdock Add-in for Excel 

It is as easy as selecting whichever report that you have already built. 

4 – No need to rebuild your Dynamics GP reports 

With a few clicks of a button, you are able to gain access to your existing Dynamics GP SmartLists and favourites from within Popdock. 

5 – Easily export out to Excel and hold your properties 

There are no doubts that Excel is very much the best friend of accountants. Popdock enables you to get ahead of the game by collating the exact data, columns, totals/subtotals and calculations together. From here you can easily move it to Excel, a PDF or build a Popdock API endpoint for your list to use in Microsoft Power BI instead. 

6 – You don’t need a degree in Power BI to create bespoke reports 

The greatest thing about Popdock is the fact that it is built with users in mind to enable them to extract the level of detail they need to allow them to answer their own questions. Say goodbye to two weeks of waiting for your IT team to customise your reporting. 

7 – Grouping up and subgrouping up 

Does your business wish to see both totals and subtotals? Seamlessly drag and drop to speedily find out the information you need from your lists. 

8 – Deeper filtering easy to use & guided 

Make use of any of your fields, and/or conditions and user-friendly criteria to find exactly what you need. The best thing about this is the fact that you don’t need a developer to set up filtering, you can do it yourself. 

9 – Living the dream with multi-company reporting 

With just a few clicks and part of the Popdock UI for the Dynamics GP connector you can have this at your fingertips. 

10 – Game changing column management 

Easily add and remove columns within Popdock. 

11 – Improve efficiency by communicating more effectively 

Make it much more straight forward for your colleagues to access business data themselves through Popdock. Here they will be able to look for, filter and take action on data. 

12 – Access your reporting on the move 

You will find that Popdock is a web application which means that you have the added flexibility of being able to access reports securely from any browser of your choosing. 

13 – Easily share reports across departments 

Are you ever asked by your colleagues for accounting data but don’t really want them snooping around Dynamics GP? If so, Popdock allows you to do this with ease. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is currently using Dynamics GP and have read the above and are keen to take your Dynamics GP solution to the next level through Popdock then, please give our specialists a call today to discuss your specific requirements

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