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How Exclaimer Email Signatures can help expand your Microsoft products

As many of us already know, we live and breathe emails to communicate with our colleagues & customers. This helps to illustrate the fact that email signatures now have a bigger role to play in not only providing contact details but also assisting with brand recognition and content marketing. 

With the rise of hybrid working, the use of email has become an even more important form of communication. Despite instant messaging apps such as Microsoft Teams being used widely across businesses, individuals still send and receive an average of around 126 emails daily to internal and external stakeholders. Also, this doesn’t consider emails forwarded to others. 

Unbelievably, a lot of marketers overlook this channel for marketing. It it important to look at email signatures as more than just digital business cards but a channel that could be used as part of your overall marketing strategy. Better still, it provides you with the perfect chance to send key messages to people that you already have built up a relationship with. 

This is where an email signature solution such as Exclaimer can help your business to take advantage of this opportunity. As well as being able to help edit and add content to email signatures it can also be taken further as you are also able to build other marketing assets such as banners, social links in addition to tailored content. 

So, what is wrong with the traditional approach to email signature creations? 

It is important to understand that many IT professionals often become frustrated with the lack of easy and quick ways of building and editing email signatures. It is often the case that the more traditional approach to creating email signatures is very labour intensive with the growing trend of remote working making it even more challenging. 

However, your IT team must retain some form of control on this, as you can’t let your workforce chop and change their email signatures; however, they want to maintain a consistent brand across the board. This will only add to the workload of your IT team. 

Here are some examples of email signature challenges: 

  • The inability to test out signature templates before they go live. 
  • HTML email signatures not working on mobile devices. 
  • Blank spaces showing in some users contact details. 

So, why should my business choose to use Exclaimer Email Signatures? 

The best thing about Exclaimer is the fact that it helps your business to remove any issues or problems when it comes to both designing and managing email signatures. Exclaimer is used by over 45,000 companies globally who are taking advantage of the game changing technology available to change the way they both manage and create professional email signatures.  

Also, it means that non-technically minded individuals can manage their signatures without the input of an IT team and better it easily integrates with Office 365. 

Here are some of the best and greatest benefits of Exclaimer: 

  • Centralised management – professional email signatures with template library. 
  • Drag and drop signature creator – anyone can easily design, edit and manage signatures according to brand guidelines without any prior knowledge of coding required. 
  • Accurate information – The contact information gathered comes direct from the user directory which means that the data is 100% accurate. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is currently using Office 365/Microsoft 365 and is wanting to expand the functionality of these products through email signature solutions such as Exclaimer then please talk to our team of IT specialists today to help you on your journey. 

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