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5 improvements your business can make to revolutionise your CRM system

If you didn’t know this already, a CRM is a business application that enables you to create and retain relationships with customers via both retention and acquisition. 

Furthermore, they also enable you to manage and review all engagements that you have with your customers in addition to helping you work towards your overall business goals such as sales & marketing. 

Despite the fact that CRM systems are invaluable to your business, in our latest blog article, we will take you through 5 improvements that your business can make to revolutionise your CRM system. 

1 – Data analysis 

What is the overall purpose of your CRM system? Are you looking to improve sales, give better customer service or increase the number of leads for the business? After you have established exactly what you are hoping to achieve with your CRM, you can then delve deeper into your data and identify other areas for improving your current system. 

Did you know that you are able to use a CRM to follow sales, customer satisfaction and other performance-related metrics to allow you to work out how to improve your results. 

2 – Keep things current & on track 

It is very important to be constantly on the go when it comes to keeping your data up to date. You will notice that more often than not, CRM systems are constantly having new functionality and features added to them in addition to newly released security updates that you can’t afford to miss. Therefore, we would suggest that you make sure that your CRM software is always up to date to enable your business to take advantage of new features and capabilities to bring added benefits to your team as well as to your customers. 

3 – Launch mobility 

With the growing increase in businesses letting employees work both remotely and in the office, it is vital that you allow mobility working. In order to achieve this, you will need a cloud-based system in place. 

You will find that cloud-based CRM systems such as Dynamics 365/CRM enable users to work on any device, from any location which allows them to keep up to date with workflows and to stay in touch with your colleagues. 

If you find that your current CRM system isn't this flexible then perhaps you should consider upgrading to Dynamics 365/CRM

4 – Get buy in from your employees and train them! 

First thing is first, make sure that your CRM system can be easily used. The worst thing to happen would be that your employees are struggling to get to grips with your CRM system. It is therefore important to get buy in from your employees and make sure that your CRM is easy to follow and that the features and functionality are easy to use. 

Give your employees training on how to use the CRM system. You may feel that the CRM system doesn’t require any user training, however it is important to train your employees on how it can be used effectively. This will allow them to maximise their use of the system, deliver better customer service and lead to them adding value to the business. 

5 – Integration 

If you find that you have multiple business systems in place, such as an accounting or marketing automation systems, you may find that it is causing you more of a headache and that you are wasting time that could be better used elsewhere. Therefore, by choosing to bring together all these systems into your overall CRM system through the use of Microsoft’s ERP solution, Business Central, you are then able to build a more seamless workflow. 

It is important to understand that a CRM isn’t only to be used by sales and marketing. You will find that it can be used across the different functions of your business, including customer service and finance. Being able to integrate everything in one place through the use of your CRM system across all your business functions, you will be able to have a more comprehensive view of your customers and improve communication across your business functions, thus saving you both valuable time and improving your overall productivity & efficiency. 

Next Steps? 

Are you under the impression that your CRM isn’t quite delivering the value your business needs? A comprehensive CRM business process review with Advantage can help you delve into the how and why. To find out all you need to know about our CRM audit then please talk to one of our CRM experts now

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