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Microsoft reveals Dynamics 365 Copilot to the world making use of AI to speed up automation

Microsoft has recently announced the launch of Dynamics 365 Copilot which has been designed to make labour-intensive tasks much quicker through the use of AI. 

This move has been on the cards since Microsoft back in January of this year made the decision to invest billions of pounds in forging a partnership with a game changing AI R&D company that was the brains behind ChatGPT. 

Fast forward to this recent announcement that Microsoft will be soon launching Dynamics 365 Copilot which can transform the overall productivity of your business across critical business functions by using AI. This will be the catalyst for the Dynamics 365 SaaS platform that delivers ERP and CRM support to businesses of all sizes to allow them to improve their overall efficiency. 

So, what is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot? 

Put simply, Dynamics 365 Copilot is a cloud-based AI solution that fully integrates with Dynamics 365, the Power Platform as well as with Microsoft 365. The whole purpose of this new product is to deliver natural language processing and AI functionality to the whole Dynamics 365 stack of applications. 

Taking this one step further, Copilot will aid you by providing you with the answers to any query you make, help you with tasks and help to simplify complex processes easily. 

So, what does Copilot look like? 

You will find that Copilot will be built into both CRM and ERP software, enabling you to complete processes and allow you to give the best customer service as well as other things. Furthermore, you will find that you can soon interact with your system in your everyday language enabling you to speed up your day-to-day tasks. 

By using predictive analytics and machine learning, Copilot helps you to decide what is the best approach in any situation that is presented to you. 

So, what tasks can Copilot help your business to simplify? 

Here a few examples in practice: 

  • At business level, you are able to automate tasks, thus allowing you to focus on other more important tasks as well as allocating resources to streamline more business processes. 
  • When it comes to customer service, Copilot can help you to formulate responses to customer queries faster which enables you to quickly resolve customer troubleshooting tickets. 
  • Your marketing team can make use of complex computing capabilities to gain better insights into your customer base. 

The future is bright, the future is AI 

Dynamics 365 Copilot will no doubt revolutionise the way we use AI across businesses. Along with the functionality that it provides such as natural language processing and virtual agents, you can transform your business through the automation of repetitive and complex processes. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is currently using Dynamics 365 and keen to explore how you can use Dynamics 365 Copilot to transform your business processes, then please talk to our fully qualified Dynamics 365 experts now to learn more. 

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